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Old Songs

by Foxing

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averysca66 thumbnail
averysca66 Some of the most genius lyrics ever written on this ep. I took my lessons, all of my learnings, threw them in the ocean, burned all my earnings. Will never forget music like this. Favorite track: Sunspotting.
Steven Sanguine
Steven Sanguine thumbnail
Steven Sanguine Yo this be off the chainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Favorite track: Gold Cobra.
Ben Ross
Ben Ross thumbnail
Ben Ross I had the privilege of meeting Conor back in March. That gig was the best I have ever been to and these 'old songs' do not disappoint. Favorite track: Friendly Homes.
Bongo The Financial Wizard
Bongo The Financial Wizard thumbnail
Bongo The Financial Wizard put this on Spotify already gd Favorite track: Gold Cobra.
Amber thumbnail
Amber foxing is just such a talented group like enough said. saw em back in october '14 at the brand new headliner with cymbals eat guitars, absolutely chilling show. Favorite track: Friendly Homes.
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defanged & declawed, the tigers have found me and i don't care the boroughs were swarming with such average stylings, looks, & loves & i was floating alone around a crowded room when i should break bonds & sail on to California (spend time ready to go) sad true, I try to get to you through trip wires and glue halos worn and thin, they don't mean a thing these arms are made of ships, i've felt their anchors weight so caviler in context, indifference kept at bay it's a mere mouth in a midwestern state these hands are made of wood, i've felt their splinters they're white as winter they're black as cinder in a midwestern state
Sunspotting 05:37
i think i'm gonna find my sea legs, i am drifting on summer spots they caught me gleaming, my ocean arms are home & i swear i could love it always if summer stayed the same i feel like i felt when i'm dreaming when wolves forgot my name i think i'm gonna find my sea legs you swim with lively arms, you wade with lifeless arms we swim in summer lakes sunspotting in landlocked states i took my lessons, all of my learnings, threw them in the ocean, burned all my earnings weight turned to flight, lifting my shoulders (warped teeth, soft lift, haunting all of these corners) time heals wounds that pin us like boulders struggling, washed out, carry present to former) breath held so long our voices were strangers (gasping, trying so hard to rearrange this) imperfect, we're human, we're not divine rearrangers (longing too form from devine rearrangers)
Gold Cobra 05:19
where have you gone love? what have you done? you've been gone for a whole year, darling it's so clear kiddo, go slow what'd you think the world it wouldn't change for you? what'd you think i'd go and stay the same for you? when you left home we drew figures of stars constellations that correlate with the contours of your face we dropped into foxes holes & braced ourselves for the flood what bleeding hearts we've become, we fall in love with anyone who can keep us warm with such a cold, limited reach what foolish hearts we've become, we thought that we would feel the sea salty breeze in the cracks & the skin of our teeth what crooked hearts hearts we've become, we kill ourselves in our sleep, our waking thoughts are not ours, just a perception we keep we callous hearts we've become, we thought that we could hold to the changing tide we rode on, the changing tone towards defeat what'd you think the world it wouldn't change for you? what'd you think i'd go and stay the same for you? i shared my last demands in faith to you & no one else & now that you're gone i can't describe my wait to anyone, & you came back with bags already packed, i'll never wait for you to be back again, & i hate the state i'm in but even more i hate the state you're headed towards & i love you when i'm with you, but i'm not home i feel the weight of the world when you say, "i'm your worst mistake."


three old songs recorded from late 2011-early 2012 with two old members in an old house.


released August 19, 2012

engineered and mixed by Ryan Wasoba
mastered by Chris French


all rights reserved



Foxing St Louis, Missouri

Foxing is a band. Someday Foxing won't be a band.


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